The Do’s And Don’ts Of Vehicle Branding

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The Do's And Don'ts Of Vehicle Branding

So you’ve invested in search engine optimization for your website, approved a generous ad spend budget and set up your own Tik Tok channel to drive online and offline sales. You may still be overlooking an easy yet effective way to reach a wide audience and drive brand awareness – all you need is a company vehicle. Should you have a vehicle that is used for any official company purposes, you may want to consider installing vehicle branding so your company and brand message goes where the vehicle does.

This broad reach and the long-lasting effects of this marketing tool should not be underestimated, as it never stops working for you over various locations. Working with experienced, reliable design and print companies like B2B Sign Resource to create branding for your vehicle will give your signage a high-quality, professional impression.
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However, you’ll want to take care when designing and installing your vehicle signage to ensure you get the best results from your new mobile marketing masterpiece. We’ve put together some essential dos and don’ts that you’ll want to remember during the design and installation process.. And if you’re looking for a  dependable, experienced company to design and wrap your vehicle with beautiful, durable branding, speak to us at B2B Sign Resource – one of the best design and signage companies in Oldsmar, Florida. Now to our tips:


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  1. Keep It Simple

The key thing to remember when designing your vehicle branding is that your signage is mobile, and your audience may only have a few seconds to digest your message. They should be able to read it from a distance while moving. This should encourage a “keep it simple” mentality throughout the design – including the colors, fonts, message, and positioning used. Do not overload your design with complex graphics or too much text that could make your design too busy. At B2B Sign Resource, our team’s entire design philosophy regarding vehicle branding is to design for maximum readability.


  1. Include Contact Information

Whether it’s just a website link or a phone number, always include some information on where they can contact you or find more information (or both!). When looking at beautiful graphics, it’s pretty easy to forget all about the key purpose of the whole signage – to drive sales and build awareness.


  1. Use An Easy-to-Read Font

Don’t use overly stylized fonts that could make it hard to read at a distance or while moving. Choosing a simple, bold font can go a long way toward improving readability, and it can go with various designs.


  1. Use Every Side Of Your Vehicle

Most people are content to simply slap a sticker on the sides of their vehicles and call it a day. But why waste valuable real estate, especially on the rear, where potential customers driving behind your car have a clear view when stuck in traffic. If tastefully done, you could even install vehicle branding on the front of your vehicle! At B2B Sign Resource, our designers are experts in crafting 360 wraps that deliver a consistent, easy-to-grab design for your entire vehicle.


  1. Consider Using A Professional

While it’s entirely possible to design an eye-catching and effective vehicle branding wrap by yourself or a freelancer, the chances of It translating perfectly when printed and applied is slim unless you or the freelancer have lots of experience designing for specific vehicle dimensions. Professionals are able to craft compelling, beautiful designs that look good, both on a PC and on the vehicle. Additionally, their selection of materials will be of the highest quality, ensuring it lasts for a long time and can be removed without any residue or damage to the vehicle’s native paint job.


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  1. Use Poor-Quality Assets

One of the worst things you can do, apart from overloading your vehicle with a complex design, is to use an intricate design with low-resolution images. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a blurry low-res image blown up to wrap around a vehicle. Always invest in high-resolution assets, so the final design looks high quality and clear when printed. At B2B Sign Resource, our designers can access several asset resources and design custom high-resolution work, perfect for vehicle signage.


  1. Blind The Driver

While we always advocate for 360 coverage of your signage wherever possible, never compromise on driver safety by applying decals or wraps that might obscure the driver’s view out the windows or lights.


  1. Break The Law

Always check local vehicle branding and signage restrictions to ensure you are always staying within local regulations. There may be rules against what types of signage can be used, including location and size. A safer bet may be to talk to the professionals who do this for a living and will be able to advise and design around these regulations! Our B2B Design Resource team is well-versed in this area, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call.


  1. Use The Wrong Message

This is the most crucial choice in your entire design as the entire design will revolve around this. It’s best to have an eye-catching, creative statement that can be delivered in a flash, but be wary that attempts at humor or being too bold can backfire with people misunderstanding or not getting the joke. This could be a quick trip to a local news story for the wrong reasons. Err on the side of caution when unsure whether the message is too bold. Additionally, stay away from offensive and crass words and imagery – this could be against the law in your state.


  1. Be A Reckless Driver

With your company vehicle all wrapped up in sharing your brand and message to the world, the quickest route to get your branding associated with negative feelings is to enrage the drivers around you with your careless driving. Purposefully or accidentally inciting road rage will cause your brand to be linked with reckless and annoying behavior – an instant black mark on your company. This would make all your efforts a waste of time. Drive carefully and respectfully while always following road laws.


If you follow these DO’s and avoid the DON’Ts, you’ll be ready to show off your company in all the roadways you travel

If you want to get started or have more questions and are in the Oldsmar, Florida area, you can talk to our B2B Sign Resource team. We are the #1 source for custom-designed graphics, vehicle wraps, watercraft wraps, and business/corporate interior and exterior signage. Get in touch today to see how our team can design the perfect branding for your company vehicles to spread and amplify your message to many more potential customers. 


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