Interior & Corporate Signage

Corporate Images

Customize your company walls with your Corporate Images. Let B2B’s large format printing capabilities create dazzling images for your interiors. Promote your products and services by showcasing them in your lobby and corporate interiors. Create a special environment with custom graphics. B2B will mount, frame and install your images.


Corporate Wall Graphics

Wall murals breathe life into empty walls and spaces of your facility without taking up the precious space you use to display your products. B2B understands the impact that a beautiful wall mural has on both your customers and your employees. Turn your plain walls into an attention-grabbing message board for all your customers to see whenever you use wall murals. We use nothing but the finest printing materials to help us create truly bold, eye-catching, and durable murals to help improve the indoor décor of your facility.


Wall Murals & Installation

Wall Murals, Lobby Signage, Conference Room Window Graphics, Installation Services, Removability, Wall Surface.

Create striking images on your Lobby Walls to greet visitors. Brand your image throughout your company with Wall Murals. We will perform a site visit and review different materials with you based on what you want to achieve.


The Right Material for the Job

The adhesive used to bind a mural to your walls depends on a variety of factors, including removability and wall surface. We offer a variety of murals for both short term and long term use. B2B’s staff will also survey your facility to help you identify the best materials to use for your mural. This way, you can be assured that your murals have been designed specifically for use in your store, guaranteeing maximum durability and visual appeal. Our team of certified trained installers will take care of the rest.


Wall Mural Applications

In a nutshell, large wall murals work in a variety of settings. As long as there is a wall large enough, you can use a wall mural to enhance the appeal of an entire space. Our wall murals are often used for:

  • Brick Wall Coverings Adhesive Vinyl Images can bring life to empty walls
  • Corporate Interiors  Create your environment in your public space
  • Restaurants Transform plain walls into a theme with rich color images
  • Wall Coverings Turn your lobby walls into an attractive interior display

Transform your bare walls into the centerpiece of your facility with your own custom images. If your business requires large wall murals for your store or office, never settle for second best. B2B can and will produce the top quality wall graphics your business needs to enhance the look and ambiance of your facility.


Barricade Graphics for Malls & Construction Sites

Present your image and advertise your message during construction.  Construction Barricades offer a temporary wall while construction is going on behind it.  We print on a pressure sensitive adhesive material that is then applied to the barricade by a certified installer. Companies will advertise their products, date of opening and any other message that they want the public to know about.  For new stores the early branding of the barricade


Our removable or permanent pressure sensitive adhesive vinyl comes with air release channels.  It is the ideal material for either short-term or long-term construction graphics.  Installers can work quickly and easily with this premium material. The air release channels will make the installation easier for the installer.  This will save you time and money.


Barricade Graphic Applications

  • Construction Sites  Display your image for advertising and marketing
  • Events  Get your message out to the crowd ahead of time
  • Retail  Let customers know you are opening a new store
  • Shopping Malls  Cover plywood barricades with attractive graphics during store renovations


Floor Graphics

Do you need a way to get customers off the street and into your store? Custom, full-color, and high resolution floor graphics from B2B can do that for you and your business! We design and print a variety of custom graphics of the highest quality for a wide range of businesses. Whether you need Floor Graphics, Carpet Graphics or Sidewalk Graphics, B2B can print it and laminate it so you can walk on it – safely!

All of our media use pressure sensitive adhesive, which helps improve the durability of our products. Additionally, the adhesive we use allows you to stick the graphic to almost any surface. The strength of the adhesive we use will depend on how you plan to apply it in your store or office. If you are unsure of how strong an adhesive your graphics will need, we’ll be more than happy to help you select the right one. Moreover, our walk-on graphics are covered with a non-slip OSHA approved over laminate for protection and safety. This way, you can place the graphics outside without having to worry about anyone slipping on them.


Floor Graphic Applications

Floor graphics can be used in a variety of settings to augment your typical marketing and advertising efforts. For the most part, they are extensively used in the following instances:

  • Events  Floor graphics will get you noticed everywhere you step
  • Grocery Stores  Promote specials and new items with floor graphics
  • Marathons  Street graphics can be applied onto pavement and concrete
  • Promotions  Short term or long term, walk-on graphics deliver your message
  • Retail Stores  Bring attention to select merchandise with floor graphics
  • Trade Shows  Carpet graphics inside and sidewalk graphics outside bring in the crowds.


Business Advantages of Floor Graphics

As a dynamic form of advertisement, floor graphics yield a number of key advantages for your business, such as:

  • Even the largest of floor graphics do not take up valuable space on your store. You get to maximize your store’s floor area without giving off a sense of clutter.
  • Floor graphics offer amazing value both in terms of their cost and their effectiveness. Since they are often located at or very near the point of purchase, they are able to attract attention to particular products.

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